Other services offered by AZAPro

Standard Foundation Inspection

These types of inspections are generally needed in the event there are troubling signs of failure to a traditionally built home foundation. These signs may typically involve unusual property settlement, cracks in interior or exterior walls, or grading issues that may promote standing water near a homes’ foundation.

FHA 90 Day Flip Inspection

These inspections are typically required on homes being bought and sold in less than 90 days with loans that are being insured by FHA, and when coinciding with a significant increase in the asking price from the original purchase price.

Construction Draw Inspection

This service is offered to lenders for new construction and/or remodeling loans where the builder may require partial payment for services upon completion of certain stages of work completed.

Moving and Transit Damage Inspection

This type of inspection serves the moving and insurance industries in the event of damage to personal property (furniture, personal possessions, appliances, etc.) when people move from one property to another. These damages may also include those that may occur to the actual dwellings (damage to floors, walls, etc.) at either end of the move.

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